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Breach of Contract & Commercial Leases

In business a partner may breach a contract or a lease. A customer or general contractor may fail to pay what is owed. It is an unfortunately reality of business. You need to be ready for when it happens. 

I am Bryan R. Armstrong, Attorney at Law. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, and I have extensive experience litigating a number of contract cases. A swift and thorough legal process is important to you and that is one of the many goals I strive for with all of my clients.

When You have a contract dispute, Reach Out To Me

I can usually take these cases on a contingency fee basis, separating me from other lawyers. Commercial litigation or breach of contract cases are expensive and most attorneys charge on an hourly basis for every court appearance, letter written, phone call made, and research performed. I will also front most litigation expenses, so you are not paying these expenses out of pocket, and I charge a percentage of the recovery. 

Tell Me About Your breach of contract

There is no better time than today to start discussing your situation with me. I provide complimentary initial consultations. Our appointment will be confidential and I will be the one to speak with you. Call 502-432-4035 502-785-8643 or contact me online to schedule your free case consultation.

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